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Performance Management.

Our Performance Management Software (PMS) is a management system that provides evaluation and meaningful feedback of an employee’s performance in an organization. Our performance reporting provides an in depth look at not only employee goals, and progress but can track overall employee progression as well. You can keep an eye on which team or individuals are succeeding and who needs additional help.

Old performance reviews are dead. This tool not only tracks goals, provide feedback, and reports but brings the people element back into performance. The easy to use product is great for managers and staff alike. Make sure you and your team are in harmony with Precedent HR’s Performance Management software.


Goal Setting / Tracking

Management and staff can easily set, manage and track goal progression.

Appraisal History Tracking

Track past and present appraisal to manage performance trends.

360 Degree Feedback

Meaningful feedback from peers to help an employee understand what they’re doing well and how they can improve.

Cascading Goals

manage your organizational goals, and ensure that they are in line with individual goals as well.

Custom Rating Scales

Defining the rating scale the way that best suits your company.



Custom Review Forms

customize the review forms, to meet your needs.

Individual Development Plans

Helps employees reach short and long-term career goals within the system plans.

Review Cycle Tracking

Track and manage your performance workflows and cycles

Self Service Portal

A portal that allows employees to log in and manage their performance goals.

Weighted Performance Measures

Set precedence on what goals are more important than others