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How Job Seekers Discover Jobs is Actually Changing

The days of pounding the pavements in search of work are long gone.  For years now, dropping off a resume to a prospective employer has been regarded as a quaint vestige of the past.

It’s the online world those looking for work turn to.  Traditionally (in online terms), job seekers visit a trusted search engine like Google, or go direct to an employment specific search engine like Indeed.  These are the two sources most employers rely on to fill roles posted on their jobs boards.

But as with all things, rapid-fire technological change is pushing job seekers to find new ways of discovering jobs online.  How job seekers discover jobs is actually changing and this post will tell you what you need to know about this emerging trend.

Google for jobs

Google for jobs is the latest change to the online job search landscape.  The problem is that employers who don’t participate can get lost in the shuffle.  Indeed has opted out and the fallout of that decision is not yet clear.

Employers abiding by the search engine’s guidelines are featured in the “blue box”.  Those who don’t, fade from sight.

With the rollout of Google for jobs in the United Kingdom and the USA, some employers are reaping tremendous benefits, raising their profile by aligning with Google’s requirements and finding the top talent they need.

Enter Facebook

Facebook is nothing if not ambitious.  This giant among platforms has now set its sites on the job market, introducing partnerships with employers to place their job content on the site.

With millions of business users, Facebook’s gambit promises to pull a huge number of employers away from other spotlight services.

This is big news for employees and job seekers alike.  The online job search world is experiencing a realignment because of these changes.  When giants wade in, the waters are disturbed – displaced.  That means employers need to be aware of how people looking for work are discovering the positions vacant they currently have on offer.

It also means that it’s time to get creative.

A well-rounded plan

In concert with deconstructing the effectiveness of your online recruiting game, employers should be thinking outside the box.  Knowing where your talent finds you online is the first step toward a creative re-purposing of your talent search game.

Currently, Millennials are flooding the workforce and changing the way we think about work.  If that’s who you’re looking for, creativity is how you’re going to find them.

A job fair is an old-fashioned profile-boosting, candidate-attracting strategy that’s getting a facelift these days.  Instead of holding these in hotel ballrooms, they’re now more likely to be found in environments which are fun and relaxed.  Community networking events are also a great way to hone in on talent.

How job seekers are discovering jobs is actually changing.  That means employers need to be nimble, creative and forward-thinking in their recruitment strategy.

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