Keep company data all in one place for easy access inside and outside the office with Precedent HR’s HRIS and
employee self service

HRIS and Employee Self-service

Sometimes work goes beyond the office. PHR’s HRIS and Mobile solution makes sure your employees are fully connected. Our software not only allows you to track and manage your employee’s data, it also gives your staff mobile access to needed HR information. With our secure database your employee data is safe, and your employees stay productive and connected.


Get the technology to develop, manage, distribute and use apps for smartphones and tablets

Our simple to use HRIS software maintains your data in one convenient place. Because every company is different we can customize the solution to meet your company structure. Our secure servers make sure that your confidential information is protected and ensures accuracy for compliance. We make sure your old data gets uploaded correctly so you can keep track of past employees, salaries etc. Ditch the excel spreadsheets and folders of paper. See how Precedent HR can simplify things for you.

Give your employees the ability to access and easily manage their own information. Employees can track attendance, leave, benefits, time sheets, paystubs and more. With Precedent HRs ESS your staff will always be up to date with their personal information and company changes as well. All of this is possible from any iPhone or android smart phone.


Putting human back in HR

Our ERP solution delivers you the capabilities you need to support your operational efficiencies with the following features:

Employee management:

  • Employee profile
  • Pay slip
  • Attendance details
  • Salary component

Leave management:

  • New leave request
  • My leave history
  • Approve / Reject
  • Leave Availability

HR management:

  • General request
  • Training request
  • Resignation request
  • Grievance request
  • Expense claim request

Procurement and sourcing

  • All purchase orders
  • Purchase order approval