It Always Pays to Help Employees Build on Their Strengths

Performance reviews.  Employees don’t really look forward to them.

Ask anyone you know and they’re bound to have a performance review horror story to share.  That’s because it’s far too often that reviews focus on the negative.  Employees under review tend to be told what they’re doing wrong – not what they’re doing right.

But the truth is that it always pays to help employees build on their strengths, so why do managers knock down when they should be building up?

Maybe it’s rooted in some arcane Victorian notion, but how does focusing on weaknesses build the talent pool you need for the future?  Isn’t it better to develop the employee talent you have on deck than to hunt it down because your employees tend to leave for greener pastures?

Negatively-oriented performance reviews really don’t help anyone.  Let’s examine why building on the strengths of your employees serves you for the long term.

Gallup Research

In 2016, Gallup conducted research about companies who built on employee strengths as a strategic practice and discovered that it really does work, delivering measurable results.

Increases in sales, productivity and customer engagement all resulted from this strategy – in the double digits.  Building your employees up was also seen to shore up retention, at a rate of up to 16%.

Employee engagement benefited from this strategy, which also resulted in safer working environments.

We think these are rather compelling reasons to build on employee strengths.  Accentuating the positive bears fruit that’s tangible.

Strengths vs. Weaknesses

We all have our superpowers.  We’re better at some things than we are at others.  Nobody can be good at absolutely everything, which is why teams are so effective.

And nobody needs to be good at everything.  Your employees’ strengths are their superpowers.  Their weaknesses can be worked around when you accentuate what they excel at and leverage that skill set for the benefit of the whole.

And here’s the thing – not everybody recognizes their own strengths.  Perhaps that’s because we’ve been conditioned to accept working cultures which emphasize the negative, always looking over our shoulders for the next review that’s going to tell us how we can improve.

Strengths-Based Management

Managers who strategize around employee strengths are those who are successfully developing talent to be the leaders of the future.  Even the mailroom has its superstars and smart managers know that.

Superior people can be found throughout your organization and strengths-based management recognizes, supports and develops their individual talents.

Managers with this mindset identify opportunities for individual employees to grow into their strengths; to flex their superpowers in the workplace, gaining confidence and becoming stronger in their skill sets.  And that’s a strategic approach that makes your enterprise stronger, more resilient and ultimately, successful.

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