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The Trick to Getting Candidates to Respond

Once upon a time, this was not a question.  But the prevailing realities of the job market now demand that we get a response every time.

Talent is thin on the ground out there, with more job vacancies currently in the market than there are job-seekers.  So, what’s the trick to getting candidates to respond?

It’s not so much a sleight of hand as it is strategic communication that invites a response, even when candidates may be in the throes of grazing opportunities.  You can still get their attention.  You can still get a response.

Here’s how.

The Crucial CTA

CTA is a marketing acronym which stands for “call to action”.  In any email communication you send, or on your jobs page, candidates are expressly asked for a response to what they’re reading.  For example, this blog post contains a CTA – the link to our contact page is your invitation to reach out.

In the world of recruitment, the trick with the CTA is that you’re asking the employee for further information.  For example, you may want to ask them about something that’s implicit on their CV, but not expressly stated.

You’re putting out feelers to find out more about how the candidate’s experience directly relates to what you’re looking for and that starts a conversation.  And once a conversation is started, it’s hard just to walk away, isn’t it?

Embedding a CTA (subtly) is an icebreaker that’s the start of a potential relationship.  Even if the candidate isn’t right for the job on offer, who knows?  That person may be a fit for something else.

Draw on Your Intel Network

We’re all aware that our employees are vaults of valuable information about talent that’s amenable to hearing about great opportunities.

But instead of going to them and asking for possible contacts, do your own homework.  Check out employee social media connections.  Then you approach your employee, letting them know that “X” has caught your practiced eye.

A standard outreach email can be personalized by the employee in your intel network connected to the prospect.  Then, instead of you or a member of the hiring team sending it, the employee does the job.

Prospects probably won’t ignore an email from someone they’ve worked with before.

A Reserve of Talent

Knowing who’s out there and ready to move from their current job is great information.  So what if you don’t have a job for them “right now”? Being connected to prospective employees and knowing what their skills and aptitudes are, puts you ahead of the recruiting game.

You’ve already started the conversation and the wheels are turning in the minds of key prospects.  That makes the whole process much less onerous, more fun and best of all – fully engaged.

So, the trick to getting a candidate to respond is to add some smart tweaks that create a network of supply.  Personalizing the experience and building relationships for future need is how you keep your bus packed with all the right people.

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