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What Exactly Is Employee Engagement?

Engagement is a word we hear a lot these days and when it comes to your employees, it’s about more than their happiness in the workplace.

While they may be happy to work for you, coming in each working day with a smile on their faces, happy employees aren’t always productive employees.  The same goes for satisfied employees.

Satisfaction means different things to different people and some of your employees, not being ambitious, are satisfied with a job which sustains them, but doesn’t necessarily propel them out of bed with a bounce in the morning.

So, what exactly is employee engagement?  Let’s find out.


An engaged employee has committed to do the best job possible for the organization they work for.  They understand their role and its place in the company and they strive to satisfy the demands of the job, making themselves an integral part of the team.

They know they’re working for you and they care about how their contribution is perceived and valued.  It’s about a lot more than a paycheck for this type of employee.  It’s about offering an emotional commitment to organizational goals and objectives.

Offering their best

Being engaged means being open to corporate needs which may require an extra effort on occasion.  An engaged employee doesn’t mind going the extra mile, because engagement is connection in which the good of the whole is actively sought.

Working a little extra time to ensure a project is delivered on time without being asked, making sure the reception area is tidy when no one’s around to notice, or even completing paperwork at the end of a shift, instead of leaving it for the next day, are all signs that employees are engaged.

Engagement ROI

Engaged employees not just showing up but showing up when they’re badly needed, provide overall better outcomes for your business.  They’re the people who go above and beyond to get the job done.

Engagement doesn’t just reward the employee.  It rewards your company with superior ROI, delivering enhanced service and productivity, happier customers and increased sales.  When your employees are known for their sterling efforts on your behalf, your company benefits in multiple ways.

When you’re focused on success, ground zero is your workplace and the quality of employee engagement in it.

Fostering engagement

Many employers demand much from their employees, only grudgingly making concessions which foster engagement.  This is a huge mistake, as we hope we’ve made clear above.

Fostering engagement means keeping your finger on the pulse of your employees and checking in with them regularly.  That’s not just for the sake of gauging performance.  It’s for the sake of measuring engagement levels which stem from commitment because your employees believe in what they’re doing and where your company’s going.

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