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Employee Engagement Roadmap: It’s Not Too Late to Create Yours!

How do you know when your employees are truly engaged?  It’s a project.  And every project requires a critical path – which might also be referred to as a roadmap.  In the case of ensuring you’re engaging your employees to the highest degree possible, it’s an employee engagement roadmap.

Having one in place ensures that your efforts aren’t sporadic or reactive.  Rather, they’re deliberate, measured and planned.  That means daily engagement efforts and a dedication to ensuring that your employees are happy about what they’re doing (which means they’re staying on).

A cultural shift

Your culture should be one which intentionally and transparently fosters employee engagement and this begins at intake.  When your new hire comes on board, one of the first things you’ll do is provide them with a roadmap.

Mapping is an intelligent way to watch employee progress and engagement.  Trouble spots can be revealed as they emerge and engagement issues actively addressed before they lead to undesirable turnover.

Getting executive tier buy-in

Getting your executives on board with an engagement roadmap can be a selling job.  Conservatism about employee relationships is not foreign to the executive offices, so the value of an engagement roadmap will require finesse and confidence to sell to this crucial group of stakeholders.

In this respect, data is your best friend.  There’s a clear connection between employee engagement and the bottom line, borne out repeatedly in studies addressing the matter.  Executives will sit up and take notice when they understand there’s a payoff.

Best Buy’s experience with EERs revealed that a 0.1% increase in employee engagement per outlet resulted in $100K of value.  The company now runs surveys quarterly instead of annually.

Start with members of the executive tier with whom you have solid relationships.  Their sponsorship will open the floodgates and will eventually convince others that the required resources should be earmarked.

Rome wasn’t built in a day

Instituting and codifying an employee engagement roadmap isn’t something that happens overnight.  Build it and they will come.

With small steps toward your goal, word will get out about how effective this method of measuring engagement among employees is.  With time and patience, you’ll build a culture which invites this kind of dialogical monitoring tool and supports it fully.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was an effective employee engagement roadmap.

There’s always time

There’s always time to create a culture of engagement and communication which builds strong relationships with your employees.

With a gradual effort toward getting the right internal support and steady, sustained effort, this a project well worth the time you’ll dedicate to it.  Engaged employees stay with you.  That means less turnover and fewer resources dedicated to recruitment.

It also means the kind of long haul human resources on your bus that drive performance and results.  And if there’s anything the executive tier loves, it’s results.

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