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Easy Steps to Creating the Company Culture Your Employees Crave

Today’s employees want so much more than a paycheck.  They want to know they’re working for an organization which has put considerable thought into the work environment, organizational goals and shared values.

Meaning is paramount in the formulation of company culture and framing that meaning effectively and dynamically is culture’s cornerstone.

In this post, we’ll share some easy steps to creating the company culture your employees crave.

Establishing Values

Establishing strong values which govern your company’s work is a vital step toward creating a viable, coherent company culture.

The most formative document you can create in these terms is the mission statement.  Brief and to the point, your mission statement lets everyone know what guides your way forward.  Crafting a compelling mission statement shares who you are with clients, vendors and of course, your employees.  Ask yourself the questions, “Why are we in business?  What are we here to do?”.

A vision statement built on your company’s mission is the next step.  Laden with promise, the vision statement is your love note to the future.  Your goals, hopes and dreams should serve to inspire and motivate employees.

But it’s your company values which form the foundation of both the documents discussed above.  These govern behavior on every level of the organization, uniting your people around a commonly held code of conduct.

How Are You Doing?

Your employees play a crucial role in creating company culture.  They work with you.  They’re on the ground, where they can see the triumphs and tragedies; the successes and failures which speak to how successful your existing culture is.

Poll them to find out what you’re doing right as much as what you’re doing wrong.  Formulate an anonymous survey to get the most honest responses possible.

Gauging factors like job satisfaction, how valued employees feel and whether employees feel supported by all the resources they need will help you discern levels of engagement and what you can do to improve them.

When you’re done, make the changes indicated.  Ensure your employees have a keen awareness that you’re working on culture.  Launch your changes by inviting employees to participate in a launch party or event.

Invite Employees to Comment

Once you’ve got your mission and values statements roughed out and you’ve defined your company’s cultural values, invite employees (upper tiers have already provided input) to offer their opinions.

They’ll tell you if you’re off the mark and they’ll also be pleased that you’ve asked.  That’s a step toward a company culture they can love, right there.

Conducting a focus group directed by an external consultant will get the kind of answers which are most valuable.  Employees should feel free to offer unguarded remarks, so a consultant is your best move for this step.

These easy steps to creating the company culture your employees crave are a framework which may take time and effort to construct, but which will stand you in good stead for the future.

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