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Crazy Ways Companies are Recruiting Talent

These days, it’s an employee’s market.  Job seekers are wandering through a vast field of possibilities, as companies scramble to attract them.  Traditional ways of finding talent are falling by the wayside, as recruiters explore the untrod territory.

You’ll no doubt be amused to read about some of the crazy ways companies are recruiting talent.  So, let’s take a stroll through the wild and wacky world of the modern recruitment landscape.


Rising social media platform Snapchat has become the locus for fast food giant McDonald’s latest recruiting endeavor – snaplications.  In need of 250,000 workers, the employer envisioned a rapid fire strategy to help them get boots on the ground in a hurry.

Because McDonald’s prime employee demographic is 16-24 year olds, Snapchat is the ideal online market.  This is one of their favorite social media channels.  Using a 10-second video ad, which included a link to the employer’s career page, McDonald’s made it easy for young job seekers to sign up.

A date with career fate.

New York City creative agency Fetch needed an intern.  Instead of going the traditional route, the cheeky folks at Fetch decided to go well outside the box, using the popular dating application, Tinder.

With 50 million users, many of them in the target age range of 18-34, Fetch knew it was likely to find what it was looking for with this novel strategy.  A male profile and a female profile were posted.

Linked to the company profile, those responding were asked to share their best pick up line.  As you can imagine, this resulted in some hilarious back and forth.  It also resulted in 270 applications.

Fetch talked online with the people attracted by the Tinder stunt for 3 weeks, narrowing its search to 5 in-person interviews.  This now-famous methodology has become something of a prototype for companies seeking out unusual recruitment strategies.

But can you sing?

LinkedIn wanted to bolster its commitment to diversity in the workplace, so it had the bright idea of switching up the standard formula of a networking night to that of an open mic format.

Networking can be effective, but it’s certainly not exciting.  People stand around and talk about work, while putting their best face forward.  But add music and a little courage and the masks come off in a hurry.

There’s something about asking people to show off their singing chops that allows potential employers to see who they really are.  Anyone who’s ever participated in a night of karaoke knows you can tell a lot about people by how they step up to that mic!

Of course, there’s the fact that an open mic is a lot more fun than standing around talking to people you don’t know.

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