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recruitment strategy

Crazy Ways Companies are Recruiting Talent

These days, it’s an employee’s market.  Job seekers are wandering through a vast field of possibilities, as companies scramble to attract them.  Traditional ways of finding talent are falling by the wayside, as recruiters explore the untrod territory. You’ll no doubt be amused to read about some of the crazy ways companies are recruiting talent. …

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two matching puzzle pieces

Tips to Find and Place the Right Candidates

Recruitment is a time-intensive, costly pursuit.  You’re wading through hundreds of applications, looking for that needle in a haystack that represents a successful, fruitful hire. But when things go sideways, that’s when you need to reassess your strategy – especially if it’s happening often enough to represent a dent in the budget.  Consider that a…

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digital recruiting strategy

How to Get Started with Your Digital Recruiting Strategy

Recruitment is often overlooked as the most important function at any given organization.  Without the right people on the bus, that bus isn’t going anywhere. Currently, the labor market may be teeming with people who need jobs, but do those people have what you need?  Are they prepared to fill the roles you have open? …

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young woman sending her resume over internet

How to Get Your Resume Past an ATS

Finding a job is frustrating enough, but with Applicant Tracking Systems in place, getting noticed can be tough. The ease of the online application process used by employers nowadays is deceptive.  While it’s much easier to apply for a job, it’s also likely that you’re in the company of hundreds, if not thousands, of fellow…

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social geotargeting

Social Geo-Targeting is Your New Recruiting Secret Sauce

More and more, companies are using online social media resources to recruit talent.  Imagine being on your Twitter account and receiving a message from a recruiter.  I mean, you were just there to see the latest trending topics. Like, you’re not even looking for a job. Recruiters can be a little in your face and…

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finger clicking job button

How to Format Your Career Page to Attract Top Job Seekers

Your career page is where the recruitment rubber meets the successful hire road.  This is your pitch to the people you’re looking for. Designing your career page for accessibility, ease of access and clarity are paramount concerns, as job seekers who are forced to plow through a cumbersome process are probably not going to be…

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woman applying for job on her smartphone

How User-Friendly is Your Application Process?

Your company is seeking the brightest and best to fill crucial roles in your organization.  But how user-friendly is your application process? When it’s not up to snuff, you’re missing out on top talent that’s seeking a less intimidating, more user- friendly application experience with your competitors.  You need a process that’s smooth and easy…

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recruitment trends

Recruiting Trends to Watch In 2018

In case you hadn’t heard, the future is here.  Recruiting trends to watch in 2018 include technological supports to assist employers with recruiting, allowing them to avoid costly errors in the hiring process. Some of these supports may seem futuristic.  Artificial intelligence, for example, figures prominently.  Let’s look at what’s coming up in 2018 in…

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