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man quitting his job and leaving the office

Why Employees Leave Companies in 2018

We’ve discussed the employee engagement roadmap as a means of shoring up retention here before.  Regular surveys and interviews are a big part of keeping your best people in place, because it’s a means of taking employee temperatures. Shaky engagement is a key factor in why employees leave companies in 2018, but everyone’s different.  It…

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job interview over coffee

Ways to Reinvent the Traditional Job Interview

How many of us remember anticipating the same questions in every job interview we went to, back in the day?  A personal favorite, “Where do you plan to be in 5 years?”, cropped up in virtually every job interview that anyone ever attended for decades. C’mon.  You know it’s true! Then came the Behavior-based Interview. …

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employees talking around conference table

Employee Engagement Roadmap: It’s Not Too Late to Create Yours!

How do you know when your employees are truly engaged?  It’s a project.  And every project requires a critical path – which might also be referred to as a roadmap.  In the case of ensuring you’re engaging your employees to the highest degree possible, it’s an employee engagement roadmap. Having one in place ensures that…

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Human resources concept image

Should HR Give Employees Advice?

Organizations can’t exist without people.  They can’t even open the front door in the morning, empty the wastebaskets or clean the washroom, much less make client calls, crunch numbers or answer the phone. People matter and HR is there to manage their interests, but it’s also there to ensure the company’s interests are protected in…

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5 Reasons Why Working Too Many Hours Is a Bad Idea

We’ve all heard the ancient mantra of “hard work”.  While there’s nothing wrong with working hard to achieve your goals and to satisfy the demands of your role, putting work before everything else in life is a proven recipe for disaster. Today’s mantra is more like this – “Don’t work harder.  Work smarter”.  And Millennial…

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employee engagement concept image

What Exactly Is Employee Engagement?

Engagement is a word we hear a lot these days and when it comes to your employees, it’s about more than their happiness in the workplace. While they may be happy to work for you, coming in each working day with a smile on their faces, happy employees aren’t always productive employees.  The same goes…

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recruitment strategy

Crazy Ways Companies are Recruiting Talent

These days, it’s an employee’s market.  Job seekers are wandering through a vast field of possibilities, as companies scramble to attract them.  Traditional ways of finding talent are falling by the wayside, as recruiters explore the untrod territory. You’ll no doubt be amused to read about some of the crazy ways companies are recruiting talent. …

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hand writing purpose with white chalk

4 Steps to Recruiting with Purpose

More than ever, employers are scrambling to find the kind of people they need to return the results they’re seeking.  That means getting top talent on board in a market which is employee-driven. Employees now have global mobility, making reaching their career goals a process of going where the money, benefits and satisfying work are.…

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two matching puzzle pieces

Tips to Find and Place the Right Candidates

Recruitment is a time-intensive, costly pursuit.  You’re wading through hundreds of applications, looking for that needle in a haystack that represents a successful, fruitful hire. But when things go sideways, that’s when you need to reassess your strategy – especially if it’s happening often enough to represent a dent in the budget.  Consider that a…

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digital recruiting strategy

How to Get Started with Your Digital Recruiting Strategy

Recruitment is often overlooked as the most important function at any given organization.  Without the right people on the bus, that bus isn’t going anywhere. Currently, the labor market may be teeming with people who need jobs, but do those people have what you need?  Are they prepared to fill the roles you have open? …

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