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5 Interview Questions You Should Never Ask

The art of the interview is a delicate one, indeed.  Many HR people don’t frequently conduct hiring interviews and while they may be recruitment professionals, anyone can get rusty if they don’t practice their skills. It’s also possible that some interviewers forget where they are and that the process of interviewing a candidate for a…

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What Does Workplace Diversity Look Like in 2018?

Diversity is the nature of the universe.  Think about it – it’s not conformity that binds everything together.  It’s difference, held in tension. But all too often, workplaces don’t reflect that.  Human beings have a strong tendency to gravitate towards those most like them.  This “comfort zone” tendency, while largely unconscious, is one of the…

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Job search on the tablet

How Job Seekers Discover Jobs is Actually Changing

The days of pounding the pavements in search of work are long gone.  For years now, dropping off a resume to a prospective employer has been regarded as a quaint vestige of the past. It’s the online world those looking for work turn to.  Traditionally (in online terms), job seekers visit a trusted search engine…

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Career recruiters

Engage with Your Future Leaders through Early Career Recruiting

Students emerging from the educational system are a prime source of talent that your company may be overlooking.  Strategically turning to this cohort as a means of securing future leadership is bearing fruit for those who actively seek out young talent willing to learn, grow, contribute key technological knowledge and last, but not least –…

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Salary calculator

How to Make Pay Decisions Without Annual Reviews and Ratings

If you’re reading the title of this blog and scratching your head, maybe you haven’t been paying attention.  All the cool kids are doing it.  They’re ditching traditional ways of making pay decisions and moving to a new model. Don’t believe me?  Deloitte has already done it, with Accenture right behind them and GE contemplating…

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A business woman asking questions

Why Aren’t We Asking These Questions in HR?

Times change, but some HR departments stick to a formula that’s well past its sell by date.  You know what we’re talking about.  We’re talking about tired, flyblown interview questions. These are the cringe-worthy queries job candidates dread, galvanizing themselves in preparation for them as they walk into every interview.   There’s a reason they’re dreaded…

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What Makes Your Team Fail? Three Strategies to Avoid Disaster

We make a lot of assumptions about teams at work.  One of the most common is that everyone on the team is on the same page. While Groupthink is not necessarily desirable – as it crushes creativity – a certain level of consensus is required to move projects forward.  Sometimes we assume the consensus is…

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Employee loyalty is not given. It must be earned

It’s an old-fashioned proposition that employee loyalty immediately follows the provision of a paycheck.  That’s simply not the case, although once upon a time, it may have been. Nowadays, employees expect more from employers.  It’s a two-way street.  A far cry from the traditional model of loyalty being expected.  Employee loyalty is not a given. …

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Open Office Environments Suck and HR Knows This

Anyone who’s ever worked in an open office environment can tell you.  They’re not the engines of robust collaboration and creativity they were touted to be when they first came on the scene. Rather, they’re productivity-sucking random annoyance generators which cause those who are compelled to endure them to run screaming for the hills. Either…

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How to Measure Recruiting Performance

Getting the right hire isn’t the only metric that counts, when measuring the performance of your recruitment processes. That’s where data and analytics come in and clarify the true value of how you’re getting people in the front door. This post is about how to measure recruiting performance, use some key metrics that give you…

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