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Easy Steps to Creating the Company Culture Your Employees Crave

Today’s employees want so much more than a paycheck.  They want to know they’re working for an organization which has put considerable thought into the work environment, organizational goals and shared values. Meaning is paramount in the formulation of company culture and framing that meaning effectively and dynamically is culture’s cornerstone. In this post, we’ll…

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performance management

How to Build a Performance Management Program That Works

Gauging employee performance is a subject of pitched debate in HR circles these days.  HR professionals diverge as to how to get a bead on how fully their company’s employees are satisfying the mandates of their roles. Is it an annual review?  Is it regular, face-to-face feedback sessions?  In a rapidly changing sector, everyone seems…

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Is Automation a Threat to HR’s Job Security?

Technology is our salvation, in many ways.  It’s pushing us toward new frontiers and to do things more efficiently and intelligently. But technology has a flip side.  Automation is increasingly becoming a backbone for multiple industries, providing the big data that’s changing the game. Dancing in the minds of many who work for a living…

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Tips for Conducting an HR Audit

While you probably pride your organization on its HR practices, nobody’s perfect and no system is without its bugs. That’s why occasional audits are so useful.  They can help you pinpoint problems.  How else are you going to perfect your processes?  You need to know where the problems are before you can fix them. In…

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It Always Pays to Help Employees Build on Their Strengths

Performance reviews.  Employees don’t really look forward to them. Ask anyone you know and they’re bound to have a performance review horror story to share.  That’s because it’s far too often that reviews focus on the negative.  Employees under review tend to be told what they’re doing wrong – not what they’re doing right. But…

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The Trick to Getting Candidates to Respond

Once upon a time, this was not a question.  But the prevailing realities of the job market now demand that we get a response every time. Talent is thin on the ground out there, with more job vacancies currently in the market than there are job-seekers.  So, what’s the trick to getting candidates to respond?…

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The One Thing It Takes to be a Real Manager

Sometimes it’s hard to be a manager.  That’s especially true when you’re in charge of employees with certain attributes which don’t show up until they’re well past their 3-month reviews. But sometimes the problem employee you’re stuck managing has been there since the invention of the wheel.  That employee is well known on their floor…

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woman waiting for a job interview

Candidates “Ghosting” Job Interviews? Just More Proof of a Bad Candidate Experience

The 21st Century phenomenon of “ghosting” (disappearing into the ethers, without a word of farewell), usually associated with casual personal relationships, has entered the world of work. Candidates are not only ghosting job interviews, they’re ghosting their new jobs.  It’s an employer’s market and boy, is that leading to some unfortunate behavior. In a jobs…

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How to Predict Employee Turnover

In a labor market short on skills, attrition is the enemy of organizational growth.  Bill Gates once said that were Microsoft to lose its top 20 employees, it would be a mediocre company. So, being able to identify potential “flight risks” is a needed predictive that can save money and keep necessary talent in place. …

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How to Build a Performance Management Program that Works

Once you get the talent you need through the front door, how do you ensure that the quality of their work will remain consistent? Nobody likes a micro-manager.  Hanging over your employees like a bad smell is bound to raise hackles.  By the same token, there need to be benchmarks in place that assure you…

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