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4 Steps to Recruiting with Purpose

More than ever, employers are scrambling to find the kind of people they need to return the results they’re seeking.  That means getting top talent on board in a market which is employee-driven.

Employees now have global mobility, making reaching their career goals a process of going where the money, benefits and satisfying work are.

That means employers are enjoined to find better ways of finding and retaining the right employees.  This post is dedicated to 4 steps to recruiting with purpose, and that purpose?  Getting the people you need on your bus.

But what about your corporate purpose?

1. Purpose-driven employers

In a market driven by potential candidates, the trend for employers is to demonstrate that their business is driven by a keen sense of purpose.

This step is about demonstrating to applicants that your job offering seeks not just the right skill set and competencies, but certain values which make up your corporate culture.  Tell them what your organization does to make the world a better place.  Today’s job-seekers need this information.  They need to know you’re a “good guy”.

Your purpose should be part of the interview process, inviting applicants to share their personal values and dreams and sharing what you do as a socially responsible employer.

2. A process with purpose

At every step of your hiring process, you need to be as transparent as possible about corporate culture and purpose.  Sharing values isn’t just for the initial job offering.  It should be infused into every step of hiring, from interviewing to onboarding.

Your values matter to potential employees, so ensure that organizational purpose is not only clear, but points to how the potential or new hire can realize their own sense of purpose within your company.  How will the job contribute to their values and to yours?

3. A purposeful career site

Your career site is the first point of contact for job-seekers, in many instances.  It should declare, unequivocally, corporate values and overarching purpose.

Your need to engage everyone who comes to your career site by detailing how they will grow with your organization and contribute to improving the world by working for you.

Let your employees speak here, telling potential colleagues why working with you is a satisfying experience that has grown them and enhanced their skills, knowledge, and careers.

4. Authenticity

Today’s savvy, socially-conscious job-seekers are skeptical.  They’re critical thinkers who want to be shown that your walk matches your talk.

Let them know how the role plays into corporate purpose and social responsibility.  Sustainability is a keyword here which is on the lips of most potential employees.  Demonstrate that you’re serious about it and that you consciously pursue sustainability through specific policies, procedures and practices.

Remember that an authentic and well-crafted culture of purpose attracts employees who are purpose-driven themselves.  That’s a winning formula for attracting the stars you want on board.

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